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Hero of Hyrule did not lay the foundations of adventure games. In fact, the first two installments were reasonably different from each other: one more emblematic and the other perhaps not so recognized. However, it was with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where it became particularly clear that the Nintendo saga had set the standard. So much so that the wake of each of its titles reaches our days. Including the first ones.

Today’s developers do not hide the profound impact of their travels through Hyrule and it is beyond doubt how the fate of the triforce inspires new stories, adventures and characters. Something that is reflected in both major releases and more modest projects. Because we don’t know what the next Zelda will be like, but it is clear that we will continue to see the influence of those we know in the future.

We have selected up to 23 recent titles that are alternatives to essential installments within the generous margins of the saga, borrow enough elements to make Zelda fans feel comfortable or that, manifestly, pay their particular tribute to the adventures of the intrepid Link and Princess Zelda. Of course, we have also taken into account those games that, without a parallel trajectory to the saga, will be able to fill their fans with new adventures.

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In Breath of the Wild temples (say dungeons) are as gigantic and complex as in Majora’s Mask or Wind Waker, but they exist in smaller quantities. In exchange for that “scarcity”, the game offers an ultra-compact version, called shrines, which are composed of 2 or 3 rooms. Inside you will have to solve a couple of puzzles or defeat enemies, which are usually clever, but not overly challenging. To me there seems to be a sort of indirect tribute to Portal, even in the aesthetics, colors and wit behind these microzones. But regardless of whether I’m just imagining the reference, it’s a fact that shrines are a great complement to exploration, as there are hundreds of them scattered throughout Hyrule and the reward for defeating them is a pearl that serves as currency for you to increase Link’s abilities (hearts and his stamina meter).

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Of course, a Zelda without story value is not a good Zelda. Breath of the Wild sticks to the rule by offering a simple narrative at times, but very emotional, mysterious and exciting. The Link we know in this mythology is the hero of prophecies, but he is not infallible and as the plot progresses you realize that he, along with the rest of the characters, are very human, with flaws and shortcomings, that they are individuals with genuine doubts about their destiny. Although I will not give more details of the plot, to avoid spoilers, I can say that the plot is among the best in the entire franchise and that regardless of whether you are a fan, or not, there will be moments that will move you.

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This service allows you to play free retro and indie games alone or with is a website that you can access for free from your computer, mobile or tablet to play classics like Windjammers and Metal Slug in the cloud.

  Requisitos para adoptar un perro en la perrera’s current catalog is not huge, although there are plenty of gems from video game history. There are a total of 107 games among which there are classics from SNK, Atari and Team 17, but also recent games from independent developers who bet on retro and even an exclusive multiplayer game, Arsene Bomber. Thus, we can play Windjammers, Top Racer, Worms Blast, The King of Fighters 98, Samurai Shodown, Missile Command, Earthworm Jim, Evolution Soccer and many, many more.

Once in a room, by the way, you can switch on the fly between one game and another, which is welcome if you are playing with colleagues and someone gets tired of the game currently playing. You can also save several games (there is a limit) of each game and resume them right where you left off the previous time or in another save file.

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Chinese studio HoYoverse, formerly known as MiHoYo, has announced that it is working on a new video game: Zenless Zone Zero. This company is known for being responsible for such successful titles as Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. Now they are back with a new action adventure for mobile devices that promises to be their most complete and refined experience to date.

Aside from the factions and characters, the amount and variety of weapons available also stands out. There are swords, hammers, guns, circular saws, daggers and rocket launchers. As shown in the trailer, the gameplay of Zenless Zone Zero will focus on real-time combat, offering a system based on Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, albeit improved.

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The second key point is the dungeons. Players can enter the Hollow to explore large mazes that are procedurally and randomly generated, like in a roguelike, and in which they will have to fight enemies. The dungeons will hopefully serve to unlock rewards and get new loot.

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